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change Validated

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change Validated
I use Indexing Scheme INTRNAL for the search, I use this global to change LinkID to isValidated NO.
sub {
my $today = GT::Date::date_get();
Mod_Date => $today,
isValidated => "No"}, { ID => $_[0] }) or return $GT::SQL::error;

the problem is that this global change the Validated to No but in the search the ID is still continue to display. How can I delete it form the search index table too.
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Re: [nir] change Validated In reply to
Are you sure the update is being done properly? In Search.pm you have this so it only searches validated links:
# Make sure we only search on validated links.
$args->{isValidated} = 'Yes';

I've just manually adjusted a link outside of the admin via a frontend client and it excludes it from searches with no problems.