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category link

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category link
Im trying to make a cateory in links link to a external site. For example, clicking on the category cars would take the user to cars.com instead of the category cars under links.

Does anyone know of a way to do this?

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Re: [shackman] category link In reply to
Pretty simple really. Goto Database > Category > Properties .. then add another field called 'URL'.

Then, in subcategory.html, have something like;

<%if URL%>
<%include subcategory_url.html%>
<%include subcategory.html%>

Then create a new template called subcategory_url.html, which is a copy of subcategory.html, but instead of pointing the URL to the category, it will point to the remote URL you enterd.

Hopefully that makes sense Smile

Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] category link In reply to
Thanks that helped a lot. Two things needed to be changed though.

1. <%include subcategory%> makes an endless loop, so just delete that line anp put the endif at the bottom of subcategory.html.

2. the name 'URL' is being used by the links engine, so I made it something like jumpURL.

Thanks again,