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best way to move to a new server ?

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best way to move to a new server ?
I will have to move my linksql installation to a new server.
Domain will be the same, but the absolute path, database server, username...will change.

What I plan to do is install links on the new server. I was thinking then to dump the mysql database from the old server to the new one, after I had emptied the new one before the dump.
But what will happen next ? Since there are changes in the paths ? (I will keep the same name for the database, but username and server will change).

And what about the templates? Should I just load my "simple" template directory into the new installation ?


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brakkar: Apr 6, 2004, 7:42 AM
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First, backup your whole site, just in case. The major directories you want to worry about are admin/defs, admin/templates, and admin/plugins, but other things are potentially good to have.

Dump your database, using MySQLMan, telling it to create tables, and to name columns to insert.

Make sure to dump ALL tables and WRITE DATA :)

Depending on the size of your database, this can be HUGE.

Once you do that, I have some perl/greps that Alex gave me that can *potentially* change your paths, depending on the old path and the new path. You have to edit them carefully.

The best thing would be to reinstall links on the new server, then from your backup site, copy your .defs directory and plugins directories over. Then copy the templates over. Edit the database.def to reflect the name of the new database/password/id, etc. Then, using MySQLMan upload/import your saved database dump. *NOW* run the admin script, and you should *not* see the set up screen. But, you should go to the setup->databases area, pick the last option, and try to resync/update the def file sfrom existing tables. If it does that OK, then everything should be set.

*or* you could contact Andy, and ask him about his Backup plugin, and the move/reinstall service we offer :)

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