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add site URL

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add site URL
in the add site form, the URL field is blank by default

can I make this so that it is part completed with "http://www

if I add new fields to the add site "form" is there an option to make the field completion by users mandatory or optional?

any help / advice please?
Colin Thompson
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Re: [colintho] add site URL In reply to
1. To change http:// to http://www modify include_form.html in
your admin/templates/default folder.

Change this part
<input name="URL" value="<%if URL%><%URL%><%else%>http://<%endif%>" size="50">
<input name="URL" value="<%if URL%><%URL%><%else%>http://www<%endif%>" size="50">

After modifying, place the modified file to admin/templates/default/local
folder - that way the file won't be overwritten when you upgrade Links SQL.

2. When you are adding new field/column to your database set Not Null to Yes
to make this field mandatory
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Re: [Payooo] add site URL In reply to
thanks for your help Smile
Colin Thompson