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add2 template

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add2 template
I see you are able to pass in the template directory to use for add.cgi (add.cgi?t=default) but can you pass in a different template to use for add. This would be most elegant for a second different template for adding stuff, other than some other ideas I have.

Can this be done like add.cgi?p=add2 or am I missing something, as that doesn't work for me.



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Re: [Eraser] add2 template In reply to

No, you can't do this I'm afraid. You would need to edit add.cgi or (admin/Links/User/Add.pm) and make the change there.


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Re: [Alex] add2 template In reply to
Cheers Alex,

Playing around with the templates a bit, I discover the wonderful pass-through variable effects.

So what I did was pass an alternative code on the command line like: add.cgi?ot=ad2 then added into the add.html template:

<%if ot eq 'ad2'%>alternative html code<%else%>standard add code<%endif%>

This will be extremely useful also for passing through such alternative triggers from credit card merchants that allow "pass-through" variable via a text link.

This is a feature I hadn't thought of using like this.



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