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a few questions ...

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a few questions ...
Ok, this is going to be realy lame but I want to head "more" future questions off at the pass.

1.) can "some" of the other mods for flat-file links work on this version (sql) ?

2.) is the only possiblilty of changing the language is through the admin functions, there isn't a file so to say?

a little lame but was wondering ....

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Re: a few questions ... In reply to

Technically, these questions are better for the Pre Sales Forum.

1) All the MODS for LINKS 2.0 will have to be upgraded to work with LINKS SQL. The coding logic is completely different between LINKS 2.0 and LINKS SQL. As I have mentioned in other Threads, it took me three months to completely upgrade 15 "official" LINKS 2.0 and 30 "custom" LINKS 2.0 Mods into LINKS SQL. So, yes, it is possible to use your LINKS 2.0 MODS, but they will have to be re-written.

2) There are MODULE files (.PM), which are flat files, that you can edit, but it is not suggested to mess with the files themselves, because the changes will be overwritten when you upgrade to future versions. That is why using the web administration forms is best to preserve codes for future upgrades.


Eliot Lee
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Re: a few questions ... In reply to
thanks Eliot,

Sorry, I wasn't really too sure about where to post those questions, with the other forums it's a little easier to know where to post. pre-sales versus discussions. I had thought meant for those who haven't bought the script yet.

I'm glad to have asked those lame questions then, since I had erringly imagined that some mods may have worked, thanks for saving me the time and trouble.

The language thing is going to be a big issue I think, with broadband access opening up in more countries linksSQl is going to be more attractive and admins who do not use English fluently will not want to read Emglish. Which is why I was asking.

thanks again !!!

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Re: a few questions ... In reply to

2. Each template directory has it's own globals.txt file which looks like a perl hash. Be careful if you hand edit it to make sure you preserve syntax. It's recommended to use the admin though. =)



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