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Column 'ExpiryCounted' cannot be null

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Column 'ExpiryCounted' cannot be null

I recently upgraded from to 3.1.0

When I upgraded, I had this problem:

Got errors when someone added links. The error was because ExpiryCounted and ExpiryDate where left out of the database during upgrade due to this:

"Create new default Gossamer Links tables in this database but do not overwrite any existing data."

so, I manually created the missing fields using another database as an example GT3.1.0 I have on another site (2 licenses)

OK so that worked, everything was fine, users could add links.

I backed up the database.

I had trouble makeing a plugin work, updatemetavalues because it did not like expirydate left blank.

What I did was then go to admin setup sql server and chose
"Create new default Gossamer Links tables in this database and overwrite/erase any existing data. "
I did this knowing it would wipe out the database, what I wanted was a clean slate, wanted to avoid any missing fields problems later.

I tried to restore my backup, now I get this message:
line 19 of /home/mthiessen/somusical.com/103120063.bak): Column 'ExpiryCounted' cannot be null

This error is for each link in the links table.

My question is this, is it possible, using unix or windows, to insert a value into my backup for ExpiryCounted directly into the database?

If so what is the exact command line?

There are 90k links in the backup would be hard to replace.
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Re: [palehorse1677] Column 'ExpiryCounted' cannot be null In reply to
What happens if you change the Column 'ExpiryCounted' to allow 'null' until you import the backup and then change it back again?

then use an SQL query to insert an appropriate value into 'ExpiryCounted' for all records? (I don't know what the correct value would be)