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Weird bug - can anyone help???

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Weird bug - can anyone help???
OK, this is a weird one. I've discovered that if one enters a search term which includes a two character string which is contained in the words "cellspacing" or "cellpadding" then this HTML appears in the list of links when the search results are returned.

To see what I mean, go to WSindex.org and enter the following search term "in XML" and look at the results. I discovered this because I was making sure my directory has an article in it which contained the word "in".

Can anyone else re-create this problem with their Links SQL implementation. I only ask because I may (or may not) have made changes to the modules used in the search and I want to eliminate the chance that I may have introduced the error.

TIA if anyone can confirm this is a known or newly discovered bug which affects their system as well.


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Re: [biglouis] Weird bug - can anyone help??? In reply to

I checked several Links SQL sites... This problem is no where but on your site...

Check your links table and chech the weight on any special variables you might have..

that sounds like you have a column being indexed that has HTML into it...

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