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Upgrade to 3.0.3 'stuck'

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Upgrade to 3.0.3 'stuck'
I downloaded the 3.0.3 upgrade but when I clicked the link that says 'Please click here to continue with the program upgrade' it just opens the admin home page in a new window, not the upgrade installer.

I tried deleting the upgrade files and downloading again but it hasn't worked. Does anyone have any ideas to try? I have performed the previous upgrades with no problems.
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Re: [aus_dave] Upgrade to 3.0.3 'stuck' In reply to
That's strange. Can you send me admin panel access so I can take a look?

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Re: [brewt] Upgrade to 3.0.3 'stuck' In reply to
Upgraded error free.
Repeating request again

Copyright notices from following publicly viewable files:

these two files are always viewable by client.
With every upgrade i have to manually remove the part that i would not want the end user to view. Could this be removed permanently so that post install the same is no more necessary

Mail Me If Contacting Privately Is That Necessary.