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Unknown tag detail_search

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Unknown tag detail_search

I've put a new column in my database by using the Editor: Links Properties, and added a field called detail_search which consists of about 4 checkbox items.

This shows up when I add a link in the admin panel, but in add.cgi I've put <%detail_search%> and it produces the error unknown tag detail_search

I've resynched the database to no avail.

How do I get it to automatically recogonize that new field in add.cgi so that I can add more fields of info to collect from users.

Thank you,
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Re: [tycoon] Unknown tag detail_search In reply to
Try adding an if around it.

<%if detail_search%>

Also, make sure that there is a value entered for it. The best way to do this, would be to go in via MySQLMan, and going to xxx_Links, and find a link that you are testing it with. Then see if there is anything stored in the detail_search field...

Andy (mod)
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Re: [tycoon] Unknown tag detail_search In reply to
The problem is that when you add a link, there is nothing stored yet, which means that the tag "detail_search" does not exist.

As Andy pointed out, you need to put if tags around the "detail_search".

Bad thing: the checkboxes are not generated automatically, you have to put the HTML there by hand.

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