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Unknown Tag: 'extratext'

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Unknown Tag: 'extratext'

i made an extra column (its in the lsqlusers) for extrainfos when a new user registers....and it works fine on most sites but in the links i got an
Unknown Tag: 'extratext'
i made the entry to the links template like this (like in the other templates)
<%if shopbild%><%shopbild%><%endif%>

is it because its in the lsqluser table ???

thanx !
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Re: [imp] Unknown Tag: 'extratext' In reply to
sorry, in the link template it musst be of course...

<%if extratext%><%extratext%><%endif%>

the result is showing on every (static) site that contains the link template and
in the dynamic pages perfectly to, but not in static>categorie view !

any idea ?

please help !

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imp: Apr 23, 2005, 1:42 PM