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Title Linked?

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Title Linked?
Ok - here is the problem I am having in simple terms

When users browse my site, through the categories and sub-categories, their path is mapped out in the menu bar at the top of the page, so at anytime, they can click back a category or two. I want all this text to appear white (to fit in with my color scheme) and have only managed to make the text for the page the user is currently on white. I know it may sound simple, but is there anyway of making all this text white?

I appreciate any feedback

Many thanks
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Re: [Tarquin] Title Linked? In reply to
This is in the build_title_linked sub in build.pm.

I think the best way to change this is to write a plugin with a pre_hook for build_title_linked and copy the whole sub and change it in the plugin. Its a good intro to writing plugins if you haven't done it before. Wink

The easiest way is to change it in build.pm but you will then have problems with updates.