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Sorting categories in v3.x

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Sorting categories in v3.x
Is there anyway I can force a sort on the following categories, for example:

10.25 inch (1)
[/url] 12.25 inch (1)
[/url] 15 inch railways (3)
[/url] 7.5 inch (1)

I would like it to read in proper order i.e. 7.25, 10.25, 12.25 and 15

Sure I am missing something very simple ... I usually do Blush


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Re: [balita] Sorting categories in v3.x In reply to

The easiest way - is to make a new field via Database > Category > Properties > Add Field, called CatSort.

Then, go to Setup > Build Options , and change build_category_sort, so that it has "CatSort ASC, Name" in it.

Then, you need to add a number to the categories (not gonna be very fun with lots of categories though :P)

For example:

CatSort: 2 Name: 10.25 inch
CatSort: 3 Name: 12.25 inch
CatSort: 4 Name: 15 inch railways
CatSort: 1 Name: 7.5 inch

..and that would then make them show up in the order:

7.5 inch
10.25 inch
12.25 inch
15 inch railways

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Sorting categories in v3.x In reply to
Thanks Andy

Was hoping it wasn't something like this Unsure hoped I had missed the v2 method someplace. Ah well it will be a once over job luckily the Cats have not grown too much yet.

Just wondering - if the subcat only has one entry can I leave that blank and just use this for sub cats with 2 or more entries.

Happy New Year to you.



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