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Related categories counter sites

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Related categories counter sites
Hello Andy & everyone around :)

I've a question as I'm creating a new category on my directory and I'm creating new subcategories in it. Some of thise categories will be related to another subcategories in my directory but, I just noticed that the links inside those related catgories doesnt count for my category.

Is there a way that those related sites can reflect the counter on my new category? (Please see attached file)


PS All the related categories have sites in it, so I just want to have a different value than zero, I want/need a counter for those sites too.



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Jesus: Nov 22, 2010, 3:27 PM
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Re: [Jesus] Related categories counter sites In reply to

Mmm, as far as I know, the sub-categories should get included in the totals for the category. Wouldn't know without doing any tests

Have you tried running a "Repair Table" , to see if that fixes the numbers up?

If not, you may wanna contact GT - as it could be a bug Smile


Andy (mod)
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