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Recommended Mod_Perl set up?

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Recommended Mod_Perl set up?

I've been reading about the variety of mod_perl set ups that one can have when running links_sql, but am a bit confused as to how it all works.

As I understand it, to run mod_perl, it's best to:

1) Install another version of apache with mod_perl support compiled in
2) Use mod_rewrite to rewrite all requests for the cgi directory to http://servername:8080/ (the new apache server with mod_perl compiled in

(Pretty much as it states here: http://perl.apache.org/docs/1.0/guide/scenario.html#One_Plain_and_One_mod_perl_enabled_Apache_Servers)

This then avoids having a mod_perl enabled server getting tied up with normal, non-perl requests.

Is this the preferred way to set up mod_perl? If not, how should one go about it?

I've also heard about using ProxyPass and mod_proxy to forward requests to the backend server. Is this the better way?

Thanks for your time.
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