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Payment for non english Links SQL users

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Payment for non english Links SQL users
Another one... I plan to move to a pay site (after 8 years of free submissions on my site). I have seen a great payment page on https://www.agentsandagencies.com/cgi/add.cgi?d=1

Also note the "refunded if declined" mention, how did they do that, it automatically refund if the link is not validated? it reserve the amount but confirm it only after validation?

It is handy as it is direct (no login before submission), it has the SSL logo and it is really easy to edit the page (as not on a remote site like worldpay, tocheckout or other non foreign language friendly sites Mad).

Most remote site compatible with links sql have really poor or non existant french regionalization. (I subscribed to worlpay and believe me or not their translation is the poorest and most user friendly as possible)

I would like to get in touch with someone who could help me set my site up with VISA and with full customization of the page layout in term of language at least.

Thanks for your help and inputs.

cheers !

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