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New column and add_success.html

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New column and add_success.html

i ve insert an new column into my Links-Table and modified my add.html. Everything ok!

But how can i make the filled informations of the field visible???

This is my code to genarate my drop-down-menu in add.html:

sub {
my %hash;
my $form_names_array_ref = $DB->table('Links')->form_names->{'Typ'};
my $form_values_array_ref = $DB->table('Links')->form_values->{'Typ'};
foreach my $form_name (@{$form_names_array_ref}) {
foreach my $form_value (@{$form_values_array_ref }) {
$hash{$form_name} = $form_value;
my $html = $DB->html ( ['Links'], $IN );
return $html->select ( {
name => 'Typ',
value => $IN->param('Typ'),
values => { %hash }

But what variable i should use in add_success.html?
At the moment i get the same drop-down-menu in add_success.html!

Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany!