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Multiple page.cgi

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Multiple page.cgi
Is it possible to use multiple page.cgi
to have different languages?

page_en.cgi runs with templates /english
page_ru.cgi runs with templates /russian

or is it easier to install 2 versions of links-sql
which use the same sql-db?

Any ideas?

I think there are a lot of people around who needs
different languages.


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Re: Multiple page.cgi In reply to
I believe I already answered this in another Thread...you don't need to run a different page.cgi script to use different language templates.

What you need to do is create copies of your templates in multiple languages and put them in different directories/folders in your main templates folder.

Alex has addressed in one of the Links SQL forums, I believe in the Pre-Sale Forum about using different copies of templates DYNAMICALLY through ONE page.cgi script.

Got it?


Eliot Lee
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Re: Multiple page.cgi In reply to

Go to page.cgi?t=av or page.cgi?t=yahoo to switch different template sets. Also the language is set in the admin per template set.



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