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Multiple drop down boxes

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Multiple drop down boxes
Hard to find an appropriate title for this, but here is an explanation.

For a travel website. I want users to be able to select a destination from a drop down box. United States, Mexico, Carribbean, Europe, Canada, and South Pacific.

Let's say they select United States. I then need the page to reload, (at least this is how I've seen it done on other websites) and another drop down box appears below the top drop down box with the 50 states. They can select one of the 50 states, and will be forwared to that States category.

Follow me okay? Please let me know how I can accomplish this. Thanks in advance.
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Re: [Chrisp] Multiple drop down boxes In reply to

You can do all that with some javascript ; I do not thinks it is necessary to reload the page between each dropdown (but then of course all options even the unnecessary must be loaded... but only one page)

If I remember you have such a feature for example in the "driver download" section of www.nvidia.com (not a dropdown but works exacly the same)

& I saw long time ago such a scripts on www.javascriptsource.com but you could find elsewhere

hope that helps,

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Re: [fff] Multiple drop down boxes In reply to
Thank you very much Fabrice. Yes, I like the way Nvidia does it. I will be searching to find that script.