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Minor Validate Links bug

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Minor Validate Links bug
Hi Alex!

Really minor note here: when you go to the Vaildate Links page, you have the little window with the Delete With Reason e-mail in it. Well, the top of mine says:

Unknown Tag: 'Username':

The mail does go out with Username correctly inserted.... it is just this page that it does not come out on.

And, since we are on the subject of validation, could someone help me with this.

My validate e-mail was written, and uploaded binary. However, when the e-mail is sent, it does not read with any of the carrage returns, everything is all strung together in one long sentence. What do I have to do to get those returns in?



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Re: Minor Validate Links bug In reply to

Just noted that <Username%> DOES print the user's name when validating, but if you reject, it does send an e-mail with "Dear Unknown Tag: 'Username'"


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Re: Minor Validate Links bug In reply to

In your email-del.txt template are you using <%Username%> tag? If so, you need to change that to <%LinkOwner%>.

As for the email, try it in ASCII mode and see if it works..



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