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Mail adresses?

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Mail adresses?
I dont use lsql itself for adding new links to my database. I use another software for that for some special reasons.
I have some scripts helping to move and delete links from my new database to the links table.
I also have an email field that is copied to Links.Contact_Email. So i have some emails inside my links table.
Now i think about how to write emails to the link owners, and so i have tried the mail functions of lsql. But there is just nothing, no mailadresses, nothing.

I can choose All Users, but there is only one (or better none).
I can choose "All links", but nothing happens. I see "This email will go out to 0 addresses."


Ok, i got it.

I can send mail to users, means all users.
And i can send links to users with a link.

Because i have no users, i cant send mails.

So i need a small script to send mails got from the Links table, ok.
Problem solved.
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Re: [Robert] Mail adresses? In reply to

So you sorted it? :)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Mail adresses? In reply to
No, i took the col from phpMyAdmin, put them in a list and send them. But for larger numbers this makes no sense, so i will copy them to phpMyList and send it slowly.