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Looking for an expert at writing PHP handler scripts

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Looking for an expert at writing PHP handler scripts

I am looking for someone who can write what I am told is a "handler" script.


I want people to be able to post a text (SMS) message from their mobile phone to Links SQL.

How I think it would work:

In brief, the way this would work is that the SMS would pass through an SMS-to-email gateway. i.e. my Links SQL subscribers would send an SMS message to a third-party service. This service then converts each SMS message to an HTTP POST request to your webserver which is running the Gossamer Links SQL application.

I therefore need something (a "handler" script) to convert each HTTP POST request so that the data could be passed via a "sign in" page (e.g using the info in the SMS message) to post a valid user ID, and 'sign in', and then the script would work with the "Add a Link" form - passing relevant data from the text string that makes up the SMS message. This formatted data with-in the completed form would be submitted to the Links SQL database for validation. Obviously this is fully automated.

I am not a techie but feel that this is possible. The handler would be a CGI or PHP script. Therefore I need a programmer to write this and I am told that it would not be especially difficult.

What next?

Has anyone had experience of doing this - or at least feel they could use their experience of writing handler scripts to successfully tackle this?

Please let me know :-)