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LinkSql timeout issues

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LinkSql timeout issues
Hi ,

I am pretty new to the *linksql* .
Few days back the linksql has been migrated from one server to
another server.. After migration many of the links, (build all,
bill staggered, validate links, check duplicates etc) these kinds
of links are having problem with *time out*. But i tested *build all*
form command line, it is working fine.

But we need that all the processes should run from the interface,
as because the people who run this process , they don't have the
access to the servers.

So what will be the solution so that *time out* problem can
be solved. It will be really appreceiated if someone can give some

The present linksql version running at the server is 2.1.2.
Do you think upgrade to the new version will solve the issues? If yes
how i will upgrade to the new version - i am asking as becaues i
never done before and it is in the production server.

Thanks in advance