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How do I modify browser_link_validate_form.html ?

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How do I modify browser_link_validate_form.html ?
Greetings everyone,

I am having some issues modifying browser_link_validate_form.html. This is the form that admin uses to validate links. In particular (and this can perhaps be a suggestion for a simple feature), if you mistakenly choose either of the Validate, Delete without reason, or Delete and email reason, radio buttons, you cannot deselect them once they are selected. There are times that we need to keep those links in the approval queue and we accidentally choose one. The only option is to refresh the page.

I was trying to modify that form to add a deslect button. I modified browser_link_validate_form.html, but for some reason the changes are not reflected in the admin interface. I have been trying to figure out how to modify this form. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,