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Hide a Category???

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Re: [nt6] Hide a Category??? In reply to
This thread died a death a few years ago - however it addresses my immediate requirements. I want to hide all sub-categories from appearing on the web pages as well as not being picked up by the Links search engine.

I know I can use 'not validated' to keep them hidden from the search engine. This is inadequate I believe, as I will have 1000's of submissions to these sub-categories and it will get too unwieldy in the long term to leave them unvalidated (I think).

Any ideas how to supress sub-cats from the web page and the search engine results, especially detailed how-to-do's would be really welcomed!

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Re: [cuppa] Hide a Category??? In reply to
See the thread

Probably not a suitable solution for you but it might give you some ideas.
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