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Error: Update failed

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Error: Update failed

I have just installed GLINKS 3.0.2 from the shell. Before I use it i'd like to install these two updates:

- Fix for possible memory leak
- Category link count fix

I can't do that because of:

Error: Update failed: Unable to overwrite '/usr/www/users/gadina/cgi-bin/admin/Links/Build.pm' with tempfile '/usr/www/users/gadina/cgi-bin/admin/tmp/GTTemp27786253': Could not open '/usr/www/users/gadina/cgi-bin/admin/Links/Build.pm' for writing: Permission denied

Please, can you help me?

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Re: [chico] Error: Update failed In reply to
problem solved:

I have to run GLINK programs under a cgi wrapper so they will be owned by my hosting username instead of nobody user. To do this i've updated my Paths and URLs settings whitin Setup Options accornding to my hosting specifications.


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