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Dynamic template pages not updating???

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Dynamic template pages not updating???
I'm experiencing a very strange behavior using dynamic templates right now. I've been using the dynamic templates without any problems for quite some time, but when I went to make a small change in the detailed page yesterday, it wouldn't reflect in the browser. I started troubleshooting and came to the realization that half of the users would see the updates once they logged in, while the other half would not. However, the actual fields entered into links were updated for everyone...just not the rest of the page text or graphics.

I'm not using any special meta tags or scripts in the pages and I've tried using refresh as well as clearing out my cache and even using my other PC's without it working right. I'm calling the detailed pages as such:


Like I've said, I've been using dynamic mode for a long time, so I don't understand what's happened now. Any input is definately appreciated.
Perl Hopefull
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Re: [stilton] Dynamic template pages not updating??? In reply to
Does your site have mod_perl enabled? This can cause a 'caching' problem, which is a right pain for us developers, when script changes are not updated right away (i.e it uses an old version of the script). Try taking a look in Setup > Enviroment to see if mod_perl is turned on.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Dynamic template pages not updating??? In reply to
Hi Andy,

I do have mod_erl enabled, and I did find out what the problem was...somewhat anyways. I have a multiple categories script in my globals as such:

sub {
my ($rec) = @_;
my $id = $rec->{ID};
my $db = $DB->table('CatLinks');
my @sids = $db->select ( ['CategoryID'], { 'LinkID' => $id } )->fetchall_list;
my $cat_db = $DB->table('Category');
$cat_db->select_options ('ORDER BY Full_Name ASC');
my $sth = $cat_db->select ( { 'Description' => 'SUB1' }, ['ID', 'Full_Name'] );
my $output;
$output .= "<SELECT readonly MULTIPLE SIZE='6' name='CatLinks.CategoryID'>";
$output .= "<option selected value='1'>Alphabetical Listing</option>";
$output .= "<option selected value='2'>Category A</option>";
$output .= "<option selected value='3'>Category B</option>";
$output .= "<option selected value='4'>Category C</option>";
and on and on and on.....
while (my ($cid,$name) = $sth->fetchrow_array) {
$output .= "<option value='$cid'";
foreach my $sid (@sids) {
if ($sid eq $cid) {
$output .= " selected";
$output .= ">$name</option>";
$output .= "</SELECT>";
return $output;

I have it setup to where the user selects a category, whereas I can then validate or modify and then add it to the alphabetical listing as well. This allows me to have the category listing as well as an alphabetical listing, then I just take grand_total and divide by two. It works well, or so I thought. Not sure why some listings acted this way, but I put them all into a single category again and it works fine. I even tried building static pages, but it did the same thing. Not worth the hassle for what I need it for....strange nonetheless.

Thanks as always for your help,
Perl Hopefull