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Does not move the link to another category

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Does not move the link to another category
Hi, we have a problem. Can someone help?

When we tried to move a link to another category, we got an error. Then I resynced the database.

We do not get an error message when asking the software to move or copy a record. The category that the record supposedly moved to does increase by 1. But the record is not displayed in the category browser.

Also, when we rebuild the system corrects the category to its original number as if nothing was moved or copied.

How do I correct this?Frown
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Re: [SharonYang] Does not move the link to another category In reply to

Mmm, sounds a bit odd! May be worth contact Gossamer (support[@]gossamer-threads.com), as they may have seen it before - or be able to track down the problem. Can't say I've ever seen that issue before


Andy (mod)
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