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Directory Structure

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Directory Structure
Im trying to set up my site so that it has diffrent directories (or at least the appearence) for each category. IE www.site.com/cat1/links , www.site.com/cat2/links. I think the best way to do this is with the PHP frontend, coping page.php to thoise directories and modding it a bit so itll start out on that cat page instead of the home page. But I need to change the settings in admin for each page speciffically(db_php_url). How do I do that? Can I do it in the code somehow? Or does anyone have a better idea that dosent have to use the PHP frontend necessilary? Oh, and where is the README.php file? I looked all over for it and I cant find it : (
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Re: [shackman] Directory Structure In reply to

why do not use use the templete option within the category itself..?

you can do wonders with it. See:



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