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DMOZ database To try

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DMOZ database To try
Hi Guys
I have finished importing DMOZ into my testing links SQL 2 database. Then backed it up using the back up utility to backup.db.
then tried to restore it into my actual database...
And catlink, category tables imported correctly but the links table stayed blank.
and of cource the number of links is 0.

What did i do wrong?
is anyone welling to take a look at the backup file and tell me ?
Due to my server size restriction I had to delete the test databse before imporing the backup to the public database.. so the backup all what i have.
I was going to make this file available for GT users to download and use..
so any suggestions are so much help for a lot of people starting with me.

Please e-mail me if you can help at DMOZTesting@aol.com