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Coding Question

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Coding Question
Have a question for all you IT experts with the College degrees.

I have most of my site working under php and use the php include call to get my navigation links into my pages. Any expert will suggest that is the best way as it saves heaps of time and stuff ups.

The big question I have is that this works fine on a normal html/htm/php/phtml page when called directly. If such a page is called through search.cgi or modify.cgi then the php include stops working. Need some info as to how to make it work under these circumstances.

Currently am using this type of code:

<center><?php include("/home/domain/htdocs/common/link1.txt"); ?></center>

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Regards from Australia.

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Re: [Gypsypup] Coding Question In reply to
Obviously search.cgi and modify.cgi are cgi scripts, parsed by the perl interpretter so unfortunately you can't parse php code using perl.exe Wink

You'd probably need to use the <%include ..%> tag supported by GT::Template.

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Paul: May 30, 2003, 4:48 PM