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Check Duplicates during Import?

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Check Duplicates during Import?
I performed a Links|Properties|Import Data for one record, knowing it was a duplicate URL but assigning it a new category using the text box input field. (I was a little surprised when checking "Delete old data first" actually deleted the entire database. Silly me for thinking it would only delete the duplicate records.) However, importing data without checking "Delete old data first" leaves duplicate records in the database. This too is not good.

So the question becomes - Can Links SQL be made to check for duplicates during import?

If so, can it me made to replace old records? or ignore the new records?

I found something about making the URL column Unique in this thread http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...rum_view_expandable; but I'm not sure of it applies here.

If not, is a feature like this anywhere on the radar screen? What it means I will have to do is export, merge the new records in yet another utility, eliminate older records with duplicate URLs with that same utility, then import again using "Delete old data". Not my idea of fun. If this is my only option, can anyone recommend a simple utility to perform this function?

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