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Changing display links in admin area

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Changing display links in admin area
Hi all,

Hopefully someone can help me with this one.

I would like to change the amount of liks the script shows in the admin area where i manually add links.

At the moment it shows just 25 links then spans to other pages, what i would like is for it to display at least one hundred links then span.

Can someone tell me where to edit to get the results i need.

If anyone is not sure what i mean here is a quick reference, i am talking about the page in the browse section of the admin area, once you click on a catergory you see all the links that have been entered and that is the page i am talking about.

Thank you before hand.



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Re: [mekro] Changing display links in admin area In reply to
A quick way, is to pass in &nh=100 to the query (how many shown per page).

Its a bit of a dirty trick, but does the job (would be a lot easier if there was a setting somewhere =)).


Andy (mod)
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