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Category Images & Link Options

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Category Images & Link Options
Two quick questions:

1) I hope that I do not end up with a little egg on the mug for this one, but I notice that the Demo utilizes Icons for the main categories and is the last option when adding or editing categories in the admin demo. Unless I have totally missed something I just can''t seem to enable this function. My setup shows "Category Template" rather than "Image."

2) I am using Links SQL as a business directory and need to give my cutomers the option of not including a link. I do not want to disable this function since about 30% of the companies do have websites, but by the same token I am looking for a way to keep from having a hyperlink that goes nowhere.

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Re: [bobl] Category Images & Link Options In reply to

1. No this is our fault, the demo is using a custom column. All you need to do is goto Database->Category->Properties and select Add Column, and add a column named Image.

2. Goto Database->Links->Properties and click on URL. Set Not Null == No. This will make it no longer required. In your template you can now do:

<%if URL%>
.. link up the title
a non linked title here

or something similiar.


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