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Cagegories with New icon but they're empty categories.

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Cagegories with New icon but they're empty categories.

I don't know when this started, but I've got one or two categories that are empty (the have no links records) but they are showing the New icon next to their names on the front home page. I don't know if these had categories in them that had new content and then I moved those categories with the new links to either be their own root type category or made them sub categories of other categories or not.

I've done a build all to make sure it's not just something old sitting there but they are still there with the new icons next to an empty category or two.

In the dynamic view those categories also still show the new icon but have no actual links content in them.

Is there a fix for this, or what must I look at to see if somethings gone wrong?

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Re: [Westin] Cagegories with New icon but they're empty categories. In reply to

Try running Database > Repair Tables.

If that doesn't work, try manually running:


Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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