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Build Error....just started happening

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Build Error....just started happening
I have started getting this build error in Link 2.0.4.

A fatal error has occured:
Can't call method "rows" on an undefined value at /big/dom/xaffiliatefirst/cgi-bin/links2/admin/Links/Utils.pm line 38.

It was building ok before.
It began to happen after I did a 'Build Changed' for the first time.
The only changes that were made was that a editor was added to my first category. (I deleted the editor and still get the error).

The Utils.pm is the orignal file, Everything was built fine at 19:20 yesterday.....

I tried to enable debugging but, it times out.


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Re: Build Error....just started happening In reply to
Actually I just figured out the why....

I had switched the default templates (build_default_tpl) to another set. The error occurs when I switch it back to the default set.