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Bugs in docs:

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Bugs in docs:
I've found a few, but haven't uploaded them, this one got me because it's two bugs at once:

If the second argument is a GT::SQL::Condition object the condition object will be used to build the where clause with. Please see ***GT::SQL::Condition*** for a description of what you can do with a where clause.

my $condition = new GT::SQL::Codition ( 'WhereCol', 'LIKE', 'Foo%' );
$obj->update ( { Setme => 'Newvalue'}, $condition);

would translate to:


There is both no "Condition.html" to link to, via the <A> tag ***, and in the example, it's spelled "CODITION" not "coNdition".

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Re: Bugs in docs: In reply to

Thanks I've updated the docs!


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