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Bizarre error, 75 meg file created in cgi-bin?

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Bizarre error, 75 meg file created in cgi-bin?
I was configuring a global to show the latest 5 links on a new site. I had forgotten to add a new template in the global, so the global was looking for 'lastfive.html' when I tried to load the home page. Instead of an error the page just hung indefinitely.

After a while editing the global caused an error in the admin side, and with debugging enabled it reported the disk was full. I have 100 megabyte allocated to this account, and when I looked into it there was a file called core.29102 in cg-bin that was 75 megabytes in size. I would guess that when the page was hanging there was actually a lot of info being written to that file!

It was easy to delete it but I thought I would post here to see if anyone has had a similar thing happen and in case it was of interest to GT.

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aus_dave: Oct 9, 2005, 6:05 AM
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Re: [aus_dave] Bizarre error, 75 meg file created in cgi-bin? In reply to
This is an error in your application, when you get a core.29102 file, the 29102 is a thread id containing the stack trace of the application when it crashed, usually associated with a segmentation fault or a core dump. I would check out you setup thoroughly to see what's causing the error...

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