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Add Confirmation ?

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Add Confirmation ?
Hello all,

I found lot of thread how to make add confirmation page at Links 2.0 Modification, is possible to make it with Links SQL 2.1.0 ? How ? Please help.
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Re: [reenee] Add Confirmation ? In reply to
Short answer : Yes.

Do the same thing. Take the input, and make the "submit" button send do=confirm or something similar (on add.html). Take the Add.pm module and add to it another test at the top (that checks for do=confirm BEFORE it checks for anything else), that just sends the output back to an add_confirm.html (or you could modify add.html to do that). The submit button on that functions like the submit button on the add.html, and it will be processed.

This could be made into a plugin, using a hook, etc, but because it's really adding a simple new "test" to the file, and one template, it's probably easier just to do it that way.

I'm really hoping to get a new plugin shell set up, so I can do quick little add ons like this as plug ins, but there is just so much to do, and so little time.... and I was up all night, my peke had a puppy :)

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