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2.1.0 fileman is compatible with cobalt raq4?

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2.1.0 fileman is compatible with cobalt raq4?

I experienced problems to delete, chmod and other functions with the current fileman bundled in the 2.1.0 version of links sql. Is it related to my cobalt server (I should change something to give fileman full rights to do chmod or delete files?) how then?

or is it related to the fact that this version is not cobalt friendly?

ps. I have also experienced problems to update some files in my current templates via admin panel, it says to me when I want to save ->

Unable to overwrite file: add.html (Permission Denied). Please set permissions properly and save again.

...even if later on I have been into the incriminated templates and chmoded via ssh all those files 777 or 755 ... still not possible to save modifications...

I am a bit lost with that...

Thanks for your feedback.

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Re: [steveraf] 2.1.0 fileman is compatible with cobalt raq4? In reply to

The fileman that comes with Links SQL runs as the web server user, so you will not be able to use it to overwrite/change files you create via FTP.

The Cobalt RaQ .pkg version of FileMan comes with it's own cgiwrapper so that when you use it, it runs as your own user and allows you to edit your own files you created via ftp.


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