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[suggestion] New features for Gossamer Links

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[suggestion] New features for Gossamer Links

This is what I would like to see in some near future in GL 3.0
1. ChangeInfo plugin as standard feature of GL where users could change their passwords/email etc.

2. Some sort of "BECOME AN EDITOR" button for every user when they SIGN-UP on every category. Then, this submission would got the the admin where he would approve or disapprove it (like validation of links, this would be validation of editors).

What do you think about it?


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Re: [deadroot] [suggestion] New features for Gossamer Links In reply to
1) I think there are a few change info plugins. I believe if you run community, many of those features are enabled, as a free pluging.

2) there is an editors plugin, but if all you are looking for is a notification or sign up type link, I think this can be done fairly easily. The problem is, that the GT editor system is a "trusted" system. It assumes your editors are working for you, and are not from the population at large. It doesn't keep backups, audit trails, or similar information (last I looked). It's not really set up for allowing Dmoz-style editors/editing. Several people have taken stabs at it, and I have one project on the back burner, that might move a little forward, since some of the comments/blogger code I'm working on plugs into various other things, such as admin validations, message flagging, and rudimentary audit trails.

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