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$IN->param Problem

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$IN->param Problem
Is there something that would cause $IN->param('value'); not to work from within a frame?

I use this regularly to read in submitted form values, and until now have not had a problem with it.

I have used cgi to create a form which dispays in the browser_info.html pane. This form, depsite attaching POST value on submit, the cgi file reading it will not see these values using $IN->param:

<form action="mysite.com/cgi-bin/mycgi?do=testing" method="POST">

and in the cgi:

$action = $IN->param('do'); always returns blankUnsure

The cgi is headed with:

use strict;
use lib 'blah blah';
use GT::Base;
use Links::SiteHTML;
use Links::Plugins;
use Links qw/$IN $DB $CFG $USER/;


Links::init(blah blah);
Links::init_user(blah blah);

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Re: [Ian] $IN->param Problem In reply to
You'll want to change the form action to just /blah/blah/mycgi then add a hidden field for the do parameter.....

<input type="hidden" name="do" value="testing">
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Re: [Paul] $IN->param Problem In reply to
Yes! That sounds like it will work, thanks Paul.

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