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overhead of <%if%> statements in templates

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overhead of <%if%> statements in templates
We have some templates that are called very often by a high volume of traffic and that have quite a number of if else statements in the templates (around 10-20). Does this create a large performance issue or would it be just minor processing for LSQL?
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Re: [scorpioncapital] overhead of <%if%> statements in templates In reply to
Shouldn't be too much. Its more when you have loops, and lots of includes that it builds up the CPU usage. The tags are already loaded into the template, so all the 'if' statement does, is to check if the existing tag holds a value, or just exists. You could try benchmarking these pages that use a lot of 'if' statements, but I really don't think its gonna cause you a problem.


Andy (mod)
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