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detail_page.cgi changes for 2.1-B3

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detail_page.cgi changes for 2.1-B3
I'm reworking all my scripts to work with 2.1.0-Beta3 and above (the community changes).

To make the detail_page.cgi work, you'll need to make the following changes to the top of the script. This works for me <G>, but I'll have a new plug-in, modular format script released soon.


# use Links qw/$IN $DB $CFG $USER/; ## comment out, or simply replace with the following 3 lines

use Links qw/$IN $DB $CFG $USER/; # I need these vars
Links::init ('/path/to/admin'); # Required ## /path/to/admin is the same as your use lib '/path/to/admin'
Links::init_user ('/path/to/admin'); # Optional

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