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blogging anyone?

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Re: [bretzke] blogging anyone? In reply to
That's good news! Is this still a custom job between you and GT? I'm sure there's alot of loyal GT users who would like this (including me).
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Re: [zumpoof] blogging anyone? In reply to
It was a custom job, but I'm sure GT will make it available to all. Aki did the work, but I'd contact Jack to check the commercial status. It's not a true blog, but it was what we need.

it's done...and essentially, here is how it works:

You designate a forum or multiple forums for user to post news items. A new field is the abstract where you can put a short summary of an article. (I assume that you could use MailArc to include email news as well). The post is moved to a hidden forum to await moderator approval. Once approved, the post becomes visible on the frontpage as a news item. With the title and abstract, and then generates a full page for the post content.

The part finishing up is that we want a custom subscription service (daily, weekly, monthly) using GList. That's just about done.

I modelled this after a PocketPC site I like: PocketPC Thoughts

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