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bad_link problem
Pug et all,

Installed bad_link pluging. 2.1.1 LinksSQL install.

One some links, when I report, I get internal server error. Other links, I get prompted to download something (mime issue?).

Original script had default Links::init(''); where it was pointing to wherever. klauslovgreen reported to me that I needed to change the path to match my install.

I have the uselib ''; and the Links::init('''); matching the same path to my admin directory. Ideas?


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Re: [LanceBZone] bad_link problem In reply to
Best thing to do is check your error log. There have been many bug reports with this plugin and they don't seem to have been fixed.

If you can post the error it should be a quick fix.

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Paul: Mar 10, 2003, 11:04 AM
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Re: [LanceBZone] bad_link problem In reply to
Hi Lance,

I tried the bad_link plugin too and has lot of problems with it - I suggest you try the below - it does take quite a bit of tweaking - but it works and it is worth it.

Beside problem reporting I also use it as a general feedback form :-)


Hope it helps