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ZipCodeSearch plugin features

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ZipCodeSearch plugin features
As soon as I get a few of my questions answered, I will be posting this new plugin.
It should only be a couple days before it is complete.

It can be seen in action at:

There are only a handful of links in this directory, so good Zip Codes
to search around are: 53142, 54720

Separate luna template with custom search form
Enter a ZipCode and a distance and it finds matching links within that radius
Admin options for units of measure (Miles, Kilometers, Nautical Miles)
Supports all regular search options: Paging, Results per page, and Category grouping
Free database of approx 33,000 zip codes.

To do:
Use a popup for distances, ie 10, 25, 100, 300
Fix message on results to only show original ZipCode, not all within radius
Using a distance of over 300 miles is currently causing problems
Host told me that search.cgi is using lots of CPU.

Please reply with any suggestions for features
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