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YahooSubcats and subcategory.html

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YahooSubcats and subcategory.html

I've searched this forum in and out and can't seem to find this answered any where.

I want to use 2 different subcategory.html (subcategory.html and subcategory2.html) template files.

subcategory.html = > index.html
subcategory2.html = > category.html

My problem is with YahooSubcats script.
I use dependent categories Yahoo type (build_category_yahoo). But, I do not want description visible on category.html.

How would I go butt doing this ?

Thank you for your assistance.

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Re: [mick31] YahooSubcats and subcategory.html In reply to
Not sure what you mean? You need to have SUB0 or SUB1 in the category description, or it will not show the appropriate YahooSubCats stuff at all.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] YahooSubcats and subcategory.html In reply to
Hello Andy,

SUB0 - It displays all the category
SUB1 - It displays according to the N or L

I currently have for category.html.

Category1, Categorie2 ...

There is a solution to have in category.html


And for index.html (home)

Category1, Categorie2...

A solution ?

Thank you