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What are those plugins?
I noticed that there is a directory called plugins in Links SQL. It was not there in the old version a year ago. Can someone explain to me what I can do with them. If possible, tell me where I can find information on those plugins. Thanks

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This is where "plug-ins" or "add-ons" are stored. Basically the newest version of LINKS SQL has a plug-in feature that will dynamically insert Modifications into your LINKS SQL system without touching the codes in the modules and scripts.

I believe this was addressed and discussed in the Links SQL Discussion Forum...

This forum is for discussions and notices of released plug-ins....


Eliot Lee
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Re: What are those plugins? In reply to
Plug-ins are software widgets you can download, put in a directory, and have links use to expand or alter the behaviour of the program.

Very similar to PhotoShop (the archetypical plug-in program).

The Plugins directory is where Links puts the programs, so it knows where to look for them. You ignore this directory, and let LInks manage it, via the Plugins option on the Admin area.

You then click "download plugins" to see a list of available options.

I have 4 plugins on the FAQ site, they will be available from the Download menu shortly!! THanks Alex!

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