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Urgent! Does anyone have Pugdog's upload mod?

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Urgent! Does anyone have Pugdog's upload mod?
Please help!

Ashley Rosilier from Enscript has been working on a Links SQL update for my site, Lexicon, but all work has been stalled since July. We've been waiting for Pugdog's upload mod. It's paid for, but Pugdog hasn't sent it and he isn't replying to my e-mails.

I haven't been able to update my site in months, my traffic has shrunk by half and my Inbox is full of e-mails from people asking when I'm going to start updating again.

I'm aware Pugdog is having some problems, so I'd like to ask this forum for help. Could someone please send me Pugdog's upload mod?

Pugdog, if you read this, could you please e-mail the mod to Ashley ashley@enscript.com
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Re: [Lexicontf] Urgent! Does anyone have Pugdog's upload mod? In reply to
I have sent the URL to get the version weeks ago.

I'm in the process of trying to make it work with 2.05, and now I understand there is a change coming in the next release that will require additional changes to make it compatible (alex is going to store the path and url now both in the record, which means more changes to move this over to this format).

I asked ashley if she was willing to help work out the bugs, in real time via ICQ or email, or telnet, to make it work. I know it's been delayed, but I did send the download info, and am trying to make it 2.05 compatible at this time. So many changes, and so many template changes.

My upload record stores loads of additional information about each file, and I think Alex is realizing that people need the ability to store this extra information since it's pretty much required for working sites to be able to offer linked images as well as paid downloads, and to run in both static and dynamic mode.

It's not as simple an issue as it might seem. I worked on it for 6 months, then have been stalled for 3 months, and am starting to work on it again, since so many sites depend on this ability.

I sent Alex a list of fields I was using several months ago, and he felt a simpler solution was more "general" for the links/dbman/gmail community. I continued to work on this mod, but the short coming is the hook to the Admin area -- which is why I am trying to merge it with the file_type field, or to get Alex to add a "flag" field which functions like a generic file_type field.

Admin hooks have been the big bane of plugin development, since the only way to get "special" fields to work is to create an external .cgi program for maintennence. If there is a way to hook a plugin's fields to the admin, then validate/modify/etc will work in a similar fashion to the file_type field, and a significant level of complexity (and hacking) will go away in plugin development.

A simple feature of a field to allow a user-definable link or set of links like the 'view' 'download' on the file_type would be great. A plugin author could set up a new field, and define those links to do something based on the value of that field (and ID number) and could open a popup window to manage it. The post Admin add/modify hooks are there to do any final processing, but there are no hooks to allow attachments (reviews, files, images, etc) to be viewed from the admin via any standard mechanism.

I haven't been around much, and rather than getting a break with my daughter, the hospital sent her home after only 2 days, on all new meds, and we are dealing with that, rather than a 6 week in patient observation and med change. I've set a new recent record though -- I've managed to read and reply to some messages here 3 days in a row.

I need to get back to this, since I've been off work for almost 3 months, and when you are self employed, that sort of layoff is catastrophic. Halloween is our best month on some of our sites, and I haven't even touched them in months.

For those looking at self employment/independent contracting, this is a major downside to the "freedom" you get. Freedom to starve or go homeless is part of it.

PUGDOG´┐Ż Enterprises, Inc.

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Please leave a PM here.
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Re: [pugdog] Urgent! Does anyone have Pugdog's upload mod? In reply to
Sorry to hear about your daughter, Pugdog. I hope things work out for you.

Ashley told me some time ago that you e-mailed her about ICQing together, and that you mentioned you had already sent the mod download information. However, Ashley said she never received the download e-mail you talked about. She e-mailed you about it but never heard back.

Please resend the upload mod download details to Ashley ashley@enscript.com and CC it to cbrogden@s054.aone.net.au just to be on the safe side.